How to brighten up a bedroom with dark furniture?

How to brighten up a bedroom with dark furniture

Dark furniture can be difficult to decorate around. To counteract the dark color, choose light fabrics or use light hues to visually brighten up the room. You can also add artwork and accent walls to brighten up the room. These tips are easy to apply and can help you make your bedroom more welcoming.

Light-colored drapery

When decorating a bedroom with dark furniture, adding light-colored drapery can brighten up the room without adding to the visual weight. Dark fabrics and drapes tend to absorb light, limiting the amount of sunlight entering the room. However, light-colored drapery is a cheap and easy way to bring life to a room. Just be sure to choose drapery that complements the colors of the dark furniture.

Another way to brighten up a bedroom with dark furniture is by repainting the walls. White is always a good choice, but you can also choose a more colorful or warmer white. If the walls and ceiling are already dark, this won’t work.

If your bedroom features dark wood furniture, choose a light blue or pale gray drapery. These colors will add a touch of sophistication to the room while exuding a relaxing ambiance. These colors are also great to contrast with contrasting whites. Lastly, if you don’t want to go with blue or beige curtains, try a cool shade of gray or deep turquoise. These shades look amazing with vintage artwork and gold accents.

If you’re decorating a contemporary bedroom, light-colored drapery looks great with dark furniture. This combination provides the right balance between privacy and ventilation. Two-layered drapery is also easy to change as the seasons change.


Dark furniture can be challenging to decorate around, but by using light fabrics and muted hues, you can add visual brightness to the room. You can also use big mirrors to reflect light around the room. Using light colours will also give the room a more spacious look.

The first step to brighten up a room with dark furniture is to choose a neutral color for the walls. White walls will help to create a neutral color scheme, and light gray or beige will help to bring out the warmth of the wood furniture. Adding a green accent wall to a bedroom with dark furniture will bring a sense of nature, which is calming.

You can also use high-gloss paint to make the room appear larger and brighter. If you’re worried about the expense, you can also use high-gloss paint to give the room an unexpected decor element. You can even paint the walls white to add even more light.

Dark furniture can also add depth to a room. If it’s in the right color and material, it can make a bedroom look more spacious and cozy. However, mixing dark wood with other colors can be a difficult task for many. While a bright paint will enhance the richness of dark wood, it can also make a room look dingy.


If your bedroom has dark furniture, it can be difficult to decorate. In order to create a more appealing space, consider using light fabrics and muted tones. These colors will add visual brightness to the room and balance out the darkness of the furniture. In this way, you can create a more inviting bedroom without having to spend a fortune.

Another way to brighten up a dark bedroom is to paint the walls in a vibrant color. While white is the most universal color, a warm or vibrant color can also work well. Keep in mind, though, that light colors are not the best choice for rooms with dark furniture.

The first option is to paint the walls white. This color will brighten the room, reflecting light around the room. In addition to this, light colors also make small rooms seem brighter. Light colors reflect light, which is crucial for making a room look bigger. On the other hand, dark colors do not reflect enough light, so they take on a gray or shadowed hue.

If you want a more subtle way to add color to a bedroom with dark furniture, try a pale, neutral colour. The same color scheme can be used on the ceiling and walls. This will help to blur the lines between the two. It will also make the ceiling appear higher and brighter.


Dark wood furniture can look drab when covered in light-colored fabrics, but you can brighten the look with a few accessories. A low-profile headboard can make room for a large piece of artwork above the bed, and bold modern lighting fixtures can add a modern touch. A dressing table can help complete the look. The bedroom featured here by Cameron Ruppert Interiors is filled with modern touches, including a purple vanity skirt, which reflects the table lamp and drapes.

A light-colored rug and framed prints will give the room a cheery ambiance. Fairy lights, candles, and orb lights can also create an upbeat atmosphere. Area rugs add depth and texture to wooden floors. You can pair them with a white-framed print for a stunning effect.

Dark-toned furniture can create a bold look in a bedroom. They lend themselves well to contrasting themes and maximalist designs, making them a great choice for many. However, choosing the right color palette is not an easy task. In general, off-whites and blues are best for a calming effect. Charcoal can also create a warm feeling.

Dark-colored furniture should be complemented by brightly-colored accents. Adding natural sunlight to a room will make dark furniture look even more beautiful. It will also make the whole room look brighter. If you’re unsure of what color scheme to choose, try mixing and matching contrasting items.